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At Vielong we form strategic alliances with different companies in the industry, manufacturing unique brushes, shaving products and cosmetics for them. As manufacturers, customers have placed their total confidence in us to translate their needs, standards and requirements into creating innovative and successful products for their markets. Come to Vielong and ask us how we can help you achieve your goals.

We pride ourselves in caring for all the stages of our business that make Vielong possible, from our suppliers to our final customers, as well as the brands in between that rely on us daily to offer them a handmade product of the utmost quality.

Thanks to these agreements and collaborations, the evolution and growth of Vielong are assured. Continuing to expand is fundamental for us, both in our own product lines and in those we manufacture for other companies. To prosper and continue improving day by day, this is our goal at Vielong.

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Shaving Brush.

Innovation, technology and design merge in the Nördik collection. Excellence in men´s care and classic shaving as proven with more than 75 years of experience in fabricating handmade tools and cosmetics for men, result in the creation of the Nordik collection. Inspired by the northern seas, a collection of pure and refined lines is created in total harmony with nature. Made with natural hairs such as horse and badger, or synthetic fibers that emulate natural hair because of the tension, absorption of water and softness, help emulsify the shaving cream using less amount of product.

At Vielong we take pride in our creativity and inspiration to create a work of art with each piece and transmit, in some way, our history and expertise into each of our products.

Shampoo beard
Wood and Spice.

EUREKA !! Without a doubt, Proraso has achieved a perfect formulation for beard shampoo based on natural ingredients of plant origin, without parabens, silicones or artificial colors. As part of the “Yellow Line” it combines notes of cumin and saffron with woody touches that enhance the sweet fragrance of vanilla. It is intended for those beards that require precise and deep care, nourishing the hair and leaving it soft and smooth.

Wave Set Nickel Aluminum
Wave Set Nickel Aluminum